NICEro - Amateur Decametric RadioAstronomy Observatory

Updated: September 2009

The NICEro Amateur RadioAstronomy Observatory is located near Nice (France) in Berthemont-les-Bains, (Latitude 44°3' N, Longitude 7°19' E, Altitude 900 meters) in the Alpes Maritimes .

This observatory participates to the NASA Radio JOVE Project. monitoring Solar and Jovian activity on 20.2 MHz and 22.4 MHz.



  • 2-elements Yagi antenna for 20.2 MHz , using 25 meters of RG-213 cable .
  • MOXON antenna  for 22.4 MHz, using 8.3 meters of RG-8 cable

  • Both cables are connected to an antenna switch box to easily connect any antenna to any receiver


    Icom IC-R75, IC-R70 and a Software Defined Receiver (PERSEUS), The latter is used as a wideband spectrum analyzer, it can
    show a 1600 kHz wide RF spectrum in a waterfall display and record it for later processing   it is used to see the shifting in frequency of Jovian and solar bursts.


    Two programs are here available for free Download You will also find in this site: The Sun is also oserved on 12GHz using a very simple and inexpensive equipment.

    This picture shows the small back-yard where the 2-elements Yagi (in the background) and the MOXON antenna are installed. The small dish is used for Sun observations at 12GHz.

        (click the photos to enlarge)

    Two views of the Yagi , Look at cow "under" the Yagi.


          If  you want to come here and spend few days in the calm, you will find  a nice "gite rural" not far from the observatory
    You can also enjoy the Mercantour National Park, one of the most beautiful National Parks centred in the Alpes Maritimes in France.
    have a look at  Spacebetween